Activity Points — How to earn on the NFT Platform by inviting friends

Let me guess — you probably have a favorite webpage you spend a lot of time on. This can be something, for example, connected to sports, esports, news, or games.

Now, let’s visualize for a split second. Assume, you are a die-hard NFT fan and spend a lot of time on one of the famous marketplaces, do your research on new art, compare prices, analyze, and buy/sell. Now you are doing it all for free, simply cause you like it. However, tomorrow that marketplace starts paying you just for being an active user.

Visualized it? Then I want to introduce you to the Artozo NFT marketplace, one of the features of which (and there are a lot, trust me) is rewarding users with the so-called Activity Points (AP) for active participation in the platform’s life. You can convert those points into the platform’s currency called ARTZ, which you can subsequently withdraw to the external wallets and convert to USD.

The full launch is planned for July when you will have access to all the platform’s features that will reward you with APs. Nevertheless, you already can get the promised AP now. Let’s walk you through the ways you can earn on your activity on Artozo.

What are Activity Points?

Well, firstly, those are points you get, when the Referral of the 1st Line buys an NFT Key. Then you will see 100 AP in your personal space. Apart from that, you will also already have 50 AP for the registration on the website. At the current exchange rate (Presale stage) the conversion of 150 AP will get you 3,000 ARTZ, which is equal to $15.

The thing is that the conversion system on Artozo works in a way that incentivises users to invite friends and get rewarded more. Simple math — by converting 100 AP five times you will get 10,000 ARTZ. However, if you save up after inviting friends and then convert 500 AP in bulk, you will get twice as much — 20,000 ARTZ. Take a moment to realize that is already $100.

Now, the above calculations are only presented in the current token’s price, which will cost twice as much after being listed on DEX in July. Then your $100 will turn into $200. Token will grow every month as well as your profits from inviting people. Yeah, we know, we like that kind of math too :)

One important note — those Activity Points will only be available to you after you buy the NFT Key that costs $50.

How can you use AP?

Those can be converted to ARTZ, then to $, and be withdrawn to your wallet. We have briefly touched that part above.

Also, AP are used to determine a user’s status and buying ArtUp Boosters. Here we will slow down a bit to explain.

User Status — the level of the Artozo user that you can upgrade by earning Activity Points. Respectively, the more people you invited and AP earned, the higher level you have. Even if you have decided to spend those AP or convert them afterwards, your level won’t go down.

ArtUp Boosters — the special product of the platform that is used to upgrade the levels of NFT Arts. The user, who opens up a new level of rewards by buying NFTs will have the opportunity to buy ArtUp Boosters of all the previously opened levels. By applying the Booster to the NFT, the user upgrades that particular NFT to the next level and automatically raises the base price of the NFT. You can also buy ArtUps for Activity Points and ARTZ tokens.

When can I start farming AP?

Obviously, right now! During the Presale Stage on Artozo you can invite people, earn AP and convert them to ARTZ. After the listing, you will be able to reap the benefits and recognise first income.



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