Artozo Activity Points — what are those and how to get them?

3 min readSep 12, 2022

Activity Points (AP) are the so-called points you earn on Artozo for being active. The activities may involve inviting friends, participating in promotions, or just doing nothing — yep, you read that right. We regularly give away AP on our Twitter, so subscribing is recommended.

How do Activity Points work?

It is pretty straightforward. You are entitled to 100 Activity Points if you already have an NFT Key and your Referral of Line 1 also buys it.

Moreover, we already mentioned that APs are credited for being active on the platform — promotions, contests on social media, comments, etc. If we were talking about passive income for inviting friends and them buying keys, here you need to stand out (tag us in posts, comments, for instance). However, you can also become a lucky winner of a giveaway:)

How can one use them?

A couple of options. First and the most interesting one — spend them on ArtUp Boosters.

ArtUp Booster is a unique perk of Artozo. This tool upgrades the level of your NFT (there are a total of 10 levels). The Level impacts the floor price you can sell the art for. If the NFT of Level 1 can be sold for $40, the next level NFT will cost the potential buyer a minimum of $80. Simply speaking, Boosters raise the price of your creation.

* Booster prices vary depending on levels.

The second option for spending AP is to convert them into ARTZ tokens.

You can do so in the Activity Points section of the Dashboard.

By the way, have you noticed a weird (at first glance) logic in this table? The more AP you convert at once, the more ARTZ you get. For example, if you convert 100 AP in a single transaction, you get around 1100 ARTZ. If you accumulate 500 — you can convert those into 11400 ARTZ.

Simple math based on the current price of ARTZ:

100 AP =1100 ARTZ = $10.

500 AP = 11000 ARTZ = $100.

You can convert your activity into real money on Artozo. Facts.




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