Artozo — how one project is solving the problems of the NFT Market

Life is tough but interesting. Every day we face numerous challenges and problems, which either need to be solved or let go in hopes everything will resolve itself.

For example, if your roof’s leaking at home, there are a couple of things to do: call the technician, check the YouTube tutorial and do it yourself, or call your father for advice.

However, what if there are global problems, that neither the technician, YouTube, or your dad solve? For example, you all probably won’t be able to influence the climate change situation. In the same way, you won’t probably change the NFT market, which already has too many problems the big companies forgot about. After all, everything is good, the sales go up and why would they care about regular users? Those will continue buying.

Artozo came to the NFT market not only to sell NFTs but also to change the niche and the general attitude towards it. In this article, I will tell you about the main problems of the NFT market and how Artozo solves them.

PROBLEM #1 : Lack of Benefit for Invites

Survey results show that up to 60% of NFT collectors share their links to NFT projects but usually gain nothing in return. Currently there is no NFT marketplace offering a referral program.

SOLUTION #1 : Artozo’s Invite-Reward Model

Artozo has an exclusive referral program that will reward users for every transaction made by members of their personal referral group.

PROBLEM #2 : Lack of Web3 Knowledge

Only a fraction of the billions of Web2 users have any experience with Web3. Currently most NFT marketplaces only allow Web3 interactions. Chainalysis recent data indicates there are only about 500,000 NFT owners indicating a huge untapped market.

SOLUTION #2 : Web2 & Web3 Capability

Artozo integrates both Web2 & Web 3 protocols ensuring familiar interaction patterns for mainstream users through the in-app wallet while opening the opportunity for Web3 wallet connections.

PROBLEM #3 : NFT Floor Price Fluctuations

Marketplaces do not currently protect users from drastic price changes. According to OpenSea data, fewer than 50 projects overall have resisted losing value.

SOLUTION #3 : Artozo’s Transparent Pricing Model

NFTs on the Artozo Marketplace will be rated on a 10 Level scale where each level has a fixed floor price and utility

PROBLEM #4: NFT Art Utility

Currently, utility for NFT art is often limited to collectible value.

SOLUTION #4 : Artozo Builds the Utility of NFTs

Through our Staking & Rewards Programs, Artozo helps your NFT’s utility grow.

Therefore, if you experience problems with purchasing NFTs, understanding the niche, or anything else — just call us or register on the platform :)



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