Insights of the NFT market

Just recently we were captivated by a Twitter Space where one of our subscribers gave an incredible speech about the NFT marketplaces and everything that’s going on with them. Not only have we listened to him carefully, but we want to share his thoughts with you.

“An Artist, who entered the world of NFT should deal and learn with technology, wallet, marketing, crypto, etc. If you are an artist — you’re not really interested in being a marketer or a salesperson, BUT from the moment when you list your NFT for sale on the marketplace — you should become a business person!

You have to sell your product yourself, and no one can help you with that. This is quite difficult to be a marketer without an appropriate background (experience, courses, etc). The best solution here — focus on your art and don’t worry about marketing and sales. Our mission is to make it possible for artists to thrive in this world that we are creating and focus on their art only.”

“ We could create a worldwide movement where we can finally make it so that you don’t hear the word wealthy only around software engineers, doctors or traders — I want to have wealthy artists!!! I want to create artists who are millionaires.

⁃ What we see right now — OpenSea, Foundation, etc — they are doing nothing in order to help artists. What they should be doing is employing teams of curators, and creating events to help artists on their journey. But they do absolutely nothing — this is a global problem for the whole market.”

“The main goal — grow awareness and education about NFT. A very simple scheme: I have done smth -> I achieved smth -> WITHOUT having to go read documentation etc -> step 1-> step 2 -> step3. Easy.

One of the missions is to make Art accessible to people of every social economy, so we can’t just be about the people who have thousands of dollars. We gotta make an equitable world!

Curation team — protect from duplication, scam, help to provide an audit of arts. Storytelling — the way to the heart of the audience!”

We agree with every word written above. And we want to tell you — that’s why we created Artozo. Artozo team is always highly passionate about art. We are launching a unique platform where every artist can register for free.

Verification is done manually so that only talented artists can sell their art for a high price. We are always looking at how we can fix the problem and help people too. And we invite you to join us on our exciting journey!



An innovative NFT Marketplace and Community with Crypto Rewards. Making your NFTs work for you!

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An innovative NFT Marketplace and Community with Crypto Rewards. Making your NFTs work for you!