Tokenomics of the Artozo NFT platform

If you hear about Artozo for the first time and have no clue about how you can earn by inviting your friends onto the platform — read this article first. Then come back here and read about the tokenomics of the project and the plans for further development.

ARTZ token

ARTZ — internal cryptocurrency of the platform, which soon enough will have real value after DEX listing at the end of June.

All the transactions on the platform are conducted in ARTZ. It is rather simple — you deposit USD or any other currency and they automatically get converted into ARTZ based on the market rate.

How users can utilize tokens:

The rewards on the platform are paid out only in ARTZ tokens. The mechanism of automated market-making is utilized on the exchange, which allows liquidity even in cases of less opened orders for sale/purchase.

The part of the funds gained from selling ARTZ is spent to maintain the DEX’s liquidity. In cases of overly high demand, platforms always can provide extra tokens to the liquidity pool (to keep the current rate), or sell tokens on DEX (to lower the rate). So, no liquidity crisis, you can chillax :)

Project’s tokenomics

Tokenomics is built in a way that helps both parties gain and receive benefits.

ARTZ was developed to serve as a payment method and a long-term reserve asset for Artozo’s economy. ARTZ tokens are released in the amounts of 1,000,000,000 tokens and the rights for release are set for “None” — no extra tokens won’t be released.

Although the platform is fully functional and tokens are used on Artozo since the MVP launch, all the tokens allocated for closed allocation holders, and team members, as well as the tokens put aside for further development, are all frozen at the beginning. Those will be available for usage only after a certain period. All the limitations on blockage and transfers are initiated during the Presale. This is needed to make sure all the investors, developers and early adopters are all starting under the same terms. We are trying to be as transparent as possible when it comes to equality and trust in the community.

Token’s price during the Presale stage:

Stage 1: 0,005$

Stage 2: 0,006$

Stage 3: 0,007$

Stage 4: 0,008$

Stage 5: 0,009$

Presale and the first users of the platform

Here the tokens are allocated during the round of honest funding and are sold to early adopters of the Presale stage. Those people get an opportunity to buy 10% of the whole ARTZ volume at an attractive price. The initial ARTZ quantity (5% of the total volume) is used for the platform’s operations. A total of 8% of the volume is devoted to maintaining the DEX’s liquidity pool.

The first pool of rewards will be used to give the rewards away, Mystery Boxes, and other actions — 100,000,000 ARTZ tokens are allocated for that (10% of the whole volume). Those tokens are blocked for 3 months with the subsequent gradual monthly release of 10% increments.

10% of ARTZ tokens are reserved to develop the ecosystem. They will help run network activities and maintain a developing and accessible ecosystem in the long run. Those tokens are blocked for 3 months with the subsequent gradual monthly release of 10% increments.

Artozo’s Future

Huge plans and ambitious goals lie ahead of Artozo. In a year a whole range of interesting projects are planned to be launched (a PlayToEarn game among them) that will add incredible opportunities for Artozo users. To reach those goals, 20% of the ARTZ tokens are blocked for 12 months with the subsequent gradual monthly release of 10% increments.

Follow the project and the updates. The MVP launches in a couple of weeks — full launch of the platform, lots of updates, and new features for users. Follow us and be the first!



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