What is an NFT Key?

The NFT Key is the unique NFT token launched by the Artozo platform. With the help of it you are getting access to all features the platform provides. The Key’s price is fixed at $50 and it can be purchased using the ARTZ tokens or any other crypto.

The best thing about buying the Key is that you get access to receiving Activity Points for inviting friends and converting those points to real money! Every invitee, who buys a Key, brings you 100 AP, which you can convert to 2000 ARTZ tokens ($10). Basically, you will need only 5 invitees to return your investment.

Reselling Keys started in the middle of April 2022. The main reason to buy the Key during the Presale is the allocation.

Simply speaking, the allocation is the opportunity to buy ARTZ tokens for the lowest price possible. If you don’t have a Key, you won’t be able to buy tokens and resell them for a price multiple times higher.

However, if you buy the NFT Key, you automatically get a reward in the form of an allocation of $50 for buying ARTZ tokens. That is also not it. Every invitee, who buys the key, will bring you another $50 of allocation. The most important thing — to receive the allocation, you need to first possess the NFT Key. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive rewards.

During the Presale stage it is most beneficial to buy the NFT Key, invite friends, and get allocations for them. The Presale stage started in mid-April 2022 and will last for 1,5 months.

What is the benefit? The initial price of the ARTZ token at the beginning of the Presale is $0,005. However, by the end of this stage, it will double and will be registered on the DEX at the starting price of $0,01. This is only the beginning, as every month the token’s price will grow. That is essentially why it is important to invite friends right now, get $50 allocations from each, and buy ARTZ for the lower price.

Moreover, every user can sell their NFT Key, but only to their 1st Line Partners (friends, whom they invited personally using their own link). What is even more interesting — at this point, selling your Key will not lose you access to all the features and opportunities the platform provides. You get the whole amount you paid before for selling the Key in ARTZ tokens, with the exception of the 3% fee. Selling the Key won’t bring any rewards or AP, so there’s no way to cheat here :)


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